Crafting a Memorable Winery Team Building Event

Nestled in picturesque Southern California, Temecula wineries make for an inspired choice when it comes to corporate team-building events. They’re great for garnering enthusiasm and active participation, and the stunning backdrop creates the perfect environment for team connection and creativity. We’ve put together five tips to follow for a memorable event that achieves your team-building objectives.

Keep Activities On-Theme

If you’re team-building at a winery, be sure to capitalize on that choice and weave the theme into your event. There are plenty of fun activities to plan for your people. Organize a vineyard scavenger hunt to encourage teamwork and communication, or undertake a wine and food pairing challenge to build connections while exploring the artistry that makes Temecula wineries so special. Grape stomping competitions are also a good option, allowing your team to challenge themselves in a more hands-on (or feet-on) manner. These are unique and enjoyable ways to foster the camaraderie and unity such events are designed for.

Make the Most of the Setting

You won’t find a better setting for team-building than a Temecula winery. The gorgeous vineyards and mountains form an immaculate backdrop for your event and will have your people energized and ready to make the most of the day.

At Avensole Winery, we always encourage our guests to take advantage of the beautiful Temecula sunsets. Capping off your day with a delicious meal on the winery patio and letting your team soak in the scenery creates a truly inspiring atmosphere and an opportunity to reflect on their collective journey.

Give People the Chance to Socialize

At events such as these, it’s important to give people the opportunity to build relationships naturally as well as through preplanned activities. Thankfully, wineries are the perfect place to do so. There’s no need to rush meals or refreshment breaks – these can be some of the best times for your team members to gel. Thanks to the magic of a winery, you’re sure to see rapport and cohesion flourish organically throughout the day. This brings us to our next tip…

Take Advantage of the Wine & Food

There’s no need to worry about what to provide for refreshments – you’re already in the right spot. Temecula’s wineries are highly regarded for their restaurants and food offerings, with many priding themselves on their locally sourced ingredients and farm-to-table practices.

A wonderful option for your team could be Avensole Winery’s Cork & Fork Tour. This is a chance to try some exquisite wines and spectacular food. Not only is this a fantastic way to give your team a deeper appreciation for the craft of winemaking and pairing, it’s also a treat they’re bound to appreciate and will put them in the right mindset for the day’s other events.

Choose the Best Winery

When it comes to wineries in Temecula, you’re spoiled for choice so we recommend you compare your options with Avensole and other local wineries. That said, we have confidence that Avensole Winery is a premiere choice for your corporate and team-building events. Our winery offers award-winning wines, unbeatable scenery, an exceptional restaurant, a beautiful patio, an elegant tasting room, and live music from talented local artists. By selecting Avensole Winery for your event, you aren’t just choosing a venue – You’re creating an immersive, delightful experience that your team will remember and appreciate.

If you’re planning your own team-building event, reach out to Avensole Winery today as we’d love to support you in the planning process. For after-hours inquiries and parties of 15 or more people, please email restaurantevents@avensolewinery.com.

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