6 Considerations When Planning Your Winery Wedding Photography

Winery weddings are a truly magical experience, one you’ll surely want to capture properly to help you cherish the memories forever. You want the photography to be worthy of your special day, and there are a few tips we’d like to offer to help you make the most of it. Avensole Winery is known to be a premier winery wedding venue in Temecula. We’d love to meet with you and provide a tour for those interested in planning a wedding at Avensole.

Plan ahead with your photographer

There are so many important moments throughout the day, it makes sense to have a plan in place. Your photographer should know when the major events will be and where they need to be to ensure nothing is missed. If it’s a bigger wedding, you may want to consider a pair of photographers so they can capture everything. These are essential considerations when it comes to any wedding photography.

P.S. – there is so much to plan and consider for a winery wedding. We published a blog post that outlines a few tips for planning a Temecula Winery Wedding. It might be helpful for you!

Make the most of the scenery

We know this well as an award-winning Temecula winery – they tend to be found in stunning locations. Use that to your advantage and spend as much time outside as possible. This way, your photographer can capture the beauty of your surroundings more easily. There’s also likely to be an outdoor dining area, such as Avensole Winery’s sublime restaurant terrace.

Lose yourself amongst the vines

The vineyards offer the perfect framing for wedding and engagement photography, with lush grapevines and the symmetry of the rows proving almost as photogenic as the couple themselves. They’re great for posed photography, but you can also take a stroll through the vines and have your photographer follow to capture some candid moments that show the true essence of your love.

Embrace the sunset and the golden hour

Take it from those who are lucky enough to enjoy them on a regular basis – there’s nothing quite like a winery sunset. When discussing plans with your photographer, let them know that you want to use this special time correctly. You can plan an event for this time, such as the cutting of the cake or your first dance, or simply ensure you and your beloved have time set aside to capture some spectacular candid images during the sunset and golden hour.

Double up for your engagement shoot

You already found the perfect spot, so why complicate things? Wineries and vineyards make for a fantastic setting to showcase your upcoming nuptials or engagement. Most wineries have an expansive property that may give you the chance to do an engagement photoshoot on part of the property that is completely different from where your wedding ceremony and photography will take place. Having your engagement photography at a winery is a great way to tease and build excitement for your winery wedding. You can also consider shooting your engagement photos at a completely different time of year than your wedding to provide a different ambiance.

Consider different seasons

Summer may be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a winery wedding, but many lovebirds opt instead for different seasons. Winter, spring, and fall can be equally as enchanting and provide incredible opportunities for winery wedding photography, so don’t limit yourself and consider all your options.

If you’re yet to plan your own special day, reach out to Avensole Winery and let’s make your dream winery wedding a reality. We can also offer plenty more guidance when it comes to winery wedding photography.

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