Wedding at Avensole Winery in Temecula.

5 Tips for Planning a Temecula Winery Wedding

A winery wedding is a truly magical experience. You couldn’t ask for a better setting to celebrate your love, and venues can often tick all the boxes when it comes to the big decisions and keeping stress levels low. So once you’ve decided on a winery wedding, what comes next? Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your special day at a renowned Temecula wedding venue.

Look for Photogenic Locations

Wineries are typically situated in beautiful places, but of course some outshine others. You want to choose a location that will provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photos and wow your guests. Wedding photos are a key part of your day as they stay with you for a lifetime. Check out our blog post on tips to help you plan wedding photography at a winery. Consider your options and do your research to find somewhere that is right for you. Temecula winery weddings are a great choice given the area’s Mediterranean climate and beautiful year-round weather.

Curate the Wine and Food Pairings

Collaborate with the winery and your catering chef to curate a wine selection that pairs well with your chosen menu. Great food and wine makes all the difference at a winery wedding. Avensole Winery is built on the values of exquisite food, wine, and live music so this is certainly something we have expertise in and would love to work with you on.

Thoughtful Decor & Styling

Consider the winery’s aesthetic and how it aligns with the vision of your wedding decor. Incorporate elements that complement the natural beauty of the winery while personalizing the space to reflect your wedding theme. Another creative idea for a winery wedding is to incorporate our favourite libation into the décor and theme itself. You can use bottles to hold flowers or lights, corks as place card stands, and wine is an excellent option if you’re considering wedding gifts as a token of appreciation to your guests.

Consider the Guest Experience

Part of making your wedding day memorable for your guests is to ensure a comfortable guest experience. While deciding on a winery wedding venue, review the location to ensure there is adequate shade if the event is outdoors, space for entertainment, and seating arrangements. In some cases you may want to provide signage throughout the winery grounds for your guests. 

Connect with the Winery’s Wedding Team

Your wedding day is a busy one, and there is an endless supply of small details and coordination that need to be done to have it run smoothly. When meeting with winery wedding venues, you’ll want to make sure you connect and develop a relationship with your point of contact on the venue’s wedding team. This is an important relationship and contact for you so be sure to spend time finding the right fit. They must be able to create a memorable, hassle-free day for you and your guests, so it’s once again worth taking your time and doing your research.

And there’s one more thing to remember…

Reach out to Avensole Winery

For Temecula wedding venues, Avensole Winery offers one of the most picturesque settings you could ask for and the exquisite hospitality you deserve on the best day of your life. We’re fully equipped to make your wedding an unforgettable and stress-free experience, so reach out today and let’s start planning your dream Temecula winery wedding.

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